Our Services

At Dallas Aquarium Kings, we believe in servicing every aquarium like it’s our own!

Whether you currently subscribe to an aquarium maintenance plan, or you are looking to get started...we can help!

Dallas Aquarium Kings offers a level of service far beyond any other company; with personal access to your aquarium expert around the clock. We pride ourselves on not only our quality, but also our availability!

We are fully insured, and guarantee that anyone who would ever enter your home can be trusted! We wont send anyone to your home, that we wouldn’t trust in ours!

Here’s what you can expect at every service:

Full Aquarium Cleaning

Filtration Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

Aquarium and Support Stand Integrity Inspection

Livestock Health Inspection

A 20%+ Water Change With a Premium Brand Salt

Remodel or Makeover for your Tank

Dallas Aquarium Kings can remodel any aquarium or habitat and turn it into the tank of your dreams! Whether you have an older tank needing a full makeover with new decorations and equipment, or you just need the inside refreshed, we can deliver something truly amazing!

Call us today for an absolutely free consultation. We are your aquarium design experts in Dallas TX.

Care & Maintenance

Aquarium maintenance has never been this easy! Dallas Aquarium Kings provides full aquarium cleaning with a 20%+ water change using premium brand salt. We also conduct complete water testing, including foundation elements, not just the basics!

Check Out the Pictures of the Aquariums We Maintain!

Aquarium Moving Service

Moving an aquarium can be stressful, not to mention a lot of working that requires expertise! Dallas Aquarium Kings has years of experience in aquarium re-location. This service is currently not available but we encourage you to check back with us in the future!

Feeding Programs and Livestock Programs

Food Programs

At Dallas Aquarium Kings we believe in being the easy button for your aquarium care! With us, you will never need to worry about running out of food again. Dallas Aquarium Kings can help you find the right food for your tank and make sure that we bring you more food automatically – so you never run out! If you are frequently away from the tank, we can add a auto feeder to any aquarium, making it hassle free for you to feed your fish!

Livestock Programs

At Dallas Aquarium Kings we pride ourselves on offering the best livestock around! Give us a monthly budget or place a special order! Either way we will make sure your aquarium is fully stocked and looking good! With our monthly programs, you set the budget, and we will bring you new animals each month!