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Design, installation and maintenance for Ponds and Fountains.

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Pond Services

Need help with your pond or water garden? Whether it is regular maintenance, a seasonal cleanout, remodel, or new pond installation…Dallas Aquarium Kings has you covered! We can help with any of your pond needs!

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Pond Services Videos

Koi Pond Maintenance Frisco

Koi Pond Clean Out and Remodel

In this video we demo a customer’s existing waterfall and pond coping to create a more natural look to the pond. We added a second waterfall and completely reconstructed the existing waterfall out of natural rocks.

All the Rock around this pond now matches and the pond has a much nicer and larger waterfall.

Finally, we replaced the filtration with a buried pressurized filter and a larger pump.

Before and After Images

Pond Remodel





Koi Pond Cleaning Service Dallas

Pond Cleanout Videos

In these videos we drain, powerwash, remove debris, backwash/clean filters, and prepare the ponds for the season!

Pond Repair

In this video we unearthed an old leaking water feature. We replaced, rebuilt, and replumbed this entire old feature and transformed it into a new working waterfall!

Pond Replumbing

In this video we replaced and completely replumbed a customer’s pond and waterfalls.

The addition of a new pump was a must!

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Two Story Pond Maintenance

Fountain Services

At Dallas Aquarium Kings we are your local fountain pros! We can help with whatever your fountain needs may be!

Fountain Pump Replacement

Fountain Repair

Fountain Clean Out

Fountain Remodel

Fountain Installation

We work on all types of fountains – especially disappearing fountains!

Fountain Service Videos

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Fountain Repair and Replace